You guessed it. We’re changing the game.
It takes a bunch of rule-breakers to set new rules of the game. Be it through new ways of establishing fresh narratives, planning the littlest details of an experience or showcasing our clients to the world like they haven’t imagined before. That’s only possible when a house of passionately crazy people take on crazier dreams.
Meet the Founders
This is a peek into what life’s like behind the scenes at CAB. Because it all begins with the culture and the big little things that make us a better version of ourselves. Every day.
Rajesh K V
Captain cool. Apart from his endless collection of suits that you might catch a glimpse of, he’s the lighthouse within the system. Ex-Wizcraft, this journeyman has traversed two decades in the industry of experiential marketing. Invincible optimism and energy make him the doer of all things deemed impossible.
Utpal Mangaokar
Serial-plan-maker & culture-shifter, he’s forever brought to life his vision to build a playground that honours creativity & collaboration. Often the funniest person in the room, he doesn’t shy away from establishing his statement. Having led teams across the globe, he’s always in pursuit of the next big thing. And gets there before the trends and trolls do.
Vikram Premnath
With over 25 years in events and experiential marketing, Vikram, a commerce graduate, has been a trailblazer at Shelters Citibank, End to End Marketing Solutions Pvt Ltd, Solutions Integrated Marketing Services Pvt Ltd, and Wizcraft International Entertainment Pvt Ltd. At CAB, he champions daring innovation, turning ordinary occasions into extraordinary events. If you’re a sucker for deep voices, say hello.
Pradeep V
After discovering his love for creating experiences as the Culture Head at Christ College, Pradeep has been in the game for 25+ years now. He’s been the go-to-guru for hundreds of people in the industry and has never shied away from a big challenge and converting it into an opportunity. Passion, check. Perfection, check. But his inner 5-year-old’s curiosity still remains. Guess why events is not work but all play.
Sushmita Sarmah
This creative explosion, commonly known as Bodo, has been a maverick in the experience and brand space since she started out over 20 years ago. As someone who refuses to settle, she’s a learner of all things within the industry and outside of it. Deeply passionate about building a collective of creatives, she has been the the bridge to international ideas and layered experiences. Conceptualisation, scripting, design & direction make her a bonfire of stories.
Our Partners
This is a peek into what life’s like behind the scenes at CAB. Because it all begins with the culture and the big little things that make us a better version of ourselves. Every day.
Gayatri Gopalakrishnan
An Army daughter who started her career in hospitality but found her home in the world of brands, events and experiences. Having worked with D&H, PDM, McCann & Wizcraft. This wild-rider’s affair with experiential marketing makes her a magic maven at CAB. Give her an industry to shake up, and she’ll make it a party of her own.
Anar Shukla
Think creative, think Anar. With over 2 decades of experience in the field of design, experiential marketing, brands and content; she’s the powerhouse of this creative cell. She also founded Roz with the Founders of CAB, a niche & chic merchandise and gifting store that elevates personalisation.
Pankaj Vijh
A complete fireball at heart, he’s been a make-it-happen person for CAB Delhi for over a decade now. He started his journey at Showhouse and then scaled the ladder at Wizcraft by leading experiences for top brands like Bacardi, Royal Enfield and Teachers. While CAB is his home, it’s also his airfield of ideas for brands like Google and LinkedIn.
Monahar BS
Leading the Government Business Unit in India, brings a wealth of experience to the table. A graduate of BBM from Bangalore University, Manohar kickstarted his career with a year of freelancing before finding his home at Wizcraft, where he dedicated nearly a decade, honing his expertise. Transitioning to CAB, he has spent over 9 years shaping unforgettable experiences.
Sanjeev Nagekar
The one who brings discipline to creative chaos. With over 20 years of financial expertise in the event and entertainment industry, he’s the safety lock to our endless ammo. His financial strategies consistently align with objectives & outcomes. Definitely helping us be ‘sustainably successful’.
Basheer Ahamed
Some people make it a personal mission to help transcend the goal of a team or an organisation, and he’s one of them. While succeeding through the industry for over 25 years, he has built teams for success and has been a leader who leads from behind. He loves marrying technology with strategy to create experiences that the world is yet to witness. An optimist, his never settle attitude has helped us pull off situations that many might have backed out of.
Jerome Deepak John
He holds a steady reign on Live events and all things experiential. Integrated marketing, strategy, advertising and customer management aren’t the easiest asks - especially the last one. But he’s known for easing past them like a pro. When a crisis strikes, there are some who have a fight or flight response, but he - he makes friends with them to only elevate the experience. Welcome to the rare kind.
Gopikrishnan Manghat
The bridge between clients and the internal team is often the best communicator. With a deep understanding of the industry in terms of planning, strategy and execution - he helps ideas come to life. As someone who has helped several teams and companies expand, he knows the secrets on how to scale, and scale right. Want to talk sales, brand building, and generating new business opportunities, slide into his DMs.
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