DefExpo 2022
DefExpo 2022
DefExpo 2022
The Brief:
DefExpo 2022, the 12th and largest-ever defense exhibition, shone a spotlight on India's defense industry, positioning it as a sunrise sector for global investment. Guided by the theme 'Path to Pride,' this 5-day event held in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, redefined India's global stature and its commitment to defense innovation.
The Story:
Photo Gallery:
  • Multilateral Diplomacy: India's global influence was undeniable through bilateral and multilateral meetings with foreign defense ministers, signifying its pivotal role in shaping the future of the defense industry.
  • Riverfront Spectacle: The live demo on the Sabarmati Riverfront stood out as a captivating highlight, showcasing cutting-edge defense capabilities.
  • Diverse Learning Opportunities: The event featured 8 sub-events and conducted 20 seminars across 4 venues, fostering learning and knowledge exchange. Moreover, 10 state pavilions added a regional touch to the exhibition.
  • Marquee Pavilions: Two marquee pavilions, the India Pavilion and Idex Pavilion, were dedicated to promoting indigenous innovations and providing a platform for startups. These pavilions played a pivotal role in highlighting the growth of India's defense industry and its potential on the global stage.
  • Anamorphic Display: A technological marvel, DefExpo 2022 boasted the largest-ever anamorphic display in the government sector, symbolizing India's commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology.

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