Google Marketing Leadership Summit
Google Marketing Leadership Summit
Google Marketing Leadership Summit
The Brief:
To orchestrate a powerful experience positioning Google as an AI-first organization and a trusted partner for clients navigating their tech transformation journeys to unlock the next level of demand and growth. GML commenced with Leadership Circle, an exclusive event for Google's key clients, followed by Scaled GML for B-level practitioners the next day in Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Gurgaon. Sustainability was a focal point, emphasizing waste reduction by reusing stage elements across cities and avoiding single-use plastic. The event incorporated personalized touchpoints such as perfume-making and family giveaways, creating memorable experiences infused with the Google touch.
The Story:

Event Execution:

  • Leadership Circle & Scaled GML: The event catered to C-level executives and B-level marketers & advertisers, aligning with Google’s core values while offering a fresh perspective to encourage guest investment in Google’s ads tools and solutions.

Transformational Journey:

  • GML's Evolution: In its second year in India, GML underwent a transformation, showcasing how Google AI solutions drive client business objectives. Pre-event, office takeovers across Google offices in Delhi, Bangalore & Mumbai created excitement, offering photo-ops, branded aesthetics, giveaways, and GML-inspired treats.

AI Demystified:

Curating the Sandbox: During the event, AI was demystified for Google’s clients through a curated Sandbox spotlighting key AI-powered solutions, including YouTube’s Product Studio, AI Video Generation, and Propensity Model. The entire GML journey, from production and registration to seamless show running, was executed flawlessly.

Photo Gallery:

GML'23 went beyond being a summit; it became a transformative experience, illustrating Google's commitment to AI innovation and its role as a strategic partner in the evolving landscape of tech transformation.

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