Range Rover Velar Launch
Range Rover Velar Launch
Range Rover Velar Launch
The Brief:
To introduce the Velar to media, influencers, and customers through a five-day immersive experience, showcasing the brand's core philosophy of Modern Luxury and reflecting the essence of the vehicle.
The Story:
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The launch departed from traditional methods, adopting an Art Showcase approach. Held at Vis-A-Vis, a contemporary gallery, the event positioned the Velar as the centerpiece, with intimate spaces representing different facets of modern luxury. Each element was meticulously designed to reflect the brand's commitment to materiality, design, and sanctuary.

Emphasizing "Layers of Intrigue," the launch engaged guests with subtle, intriguing experiences. From bespoke furniture to branded drapery, every detail enhanced the guest experience, fostering anticipation. Live food displays and the Art of Plating experience showcased "Layers of Craftsmanship" and "Layers of Refinement," providing personalized interactions for guests.

The reveal of the Velar was a luxurious, brand-specific experience, with a focus on the product's design and features. The light programming and custom symphony sequence accentuated different aspects of the Velar, creating a memorable unveiling.

The launch successfully captivated thought leaders in the media, leaving a lasting impression and reinforcing the brand's commitment to Modern Luxury.

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