RISE 2021
RISE 2021
RISE 2021
The Brief:
"RISE (Reimagining Inclusion for Social Equity)," Pride Circle's annual flagship event, is pioneering an era of equal opportunities and workplace inclusion for the LGBT+ community. In 2021, adapting to the pandemic, this groundbreaking event is going virtual, extending its focus beyond India to South East Asia and the USA, aiming for global impact.
The Story:

The event spans over 15 hours across 2 days, covering an array of topics, from Indian Leadership for Inclusion to a best practices guide for hiring LGBT+ Talent, fostering pride in higher education, and the Indian Approach to D&I, among others. RISE 2021 is not just a conference or a job fair; it's a catalyst for change.

  • Conference: RISE 2021 is a thought-fest centered around diversity, equity, and inclusion, now transformed into an immersive virtual experience. With 90+ speakers, 8 Keynotes, 6 Plenary Panels, 18 Breakout sessions, and 4 Report Launches, over 200 attendees from around the world witnessed the excellence and impact of affirmative inclusion.

  • Jobfair: Connecting with over 40 inclusive corporates from across the country, RISE 2021 brings talents and skills to the forefront, all from the comfort of your home. On the 8th of May, 2021, 40+ inclusive companies, including Netflix, Northern Trust, Mastercard, Uber, Twitter, GE, Goldman Sachs, and more, joined hands to hire the 700+ talented LGBT+ individuals in attendance.
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